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  • 28-01-2007: DigiMaj: Two questions on the status of the data retention directive (http://www.digitalmajority.org/forum/t-37880/two-questions-on-the-status-of-the-data-retention-directive)
  • 10-01-2007: 23C3: An update on dataretention in Europe (http://dewy.fem.tu-ilmenau.de/CCC/23C3/video/23C3-1609-en-data_retention_update.m4v) (Video MP4 186MB)
  • 19-10-2006: Slashdot: FBI Head Wants Strong Data Retention Rules (http://it.slashdot.org/it/06/10/19/0156221.shtml)
  • 14-09-2006: DRI brings legal action over mass surveillance (http://www.digitalrights.ie/2006/09/14/dri-brings-legal-action-over-mass-surveillance/)
  • 29-07-2006: Digital Rights Ireland Challenge to Data Retention (http://www.digitalrights.ie/2006/07/29/dri-challenge-to-data-retention/)
  • 05-04-2006: Written parliamentary question by MEP Alexander Alvaro (ALDE) to the Commission on Data Retention (http://www.europarl.europa.eu/omk/sipade3?PUBREF=-//EP//TEXT+WQ+E-2006-1446+0+DOC+XML+V0//EN&L=EN&LEVEL=2&NAV=S&LSTDOC=Y)
  • 21-02-2006: Council adopts data retention directive
  • 17-02-2006: Audio recordings of the Council public deliberations on Data Retention directive (http://media.ffii.org/DataRetentionCouncil060221) (from 61:00 to the end)
  • 17-02-2006: Dataretention directive on the agenda of the Council of Minister of tue 21 february
  • 09-02-2006: MEP Cederschiold asks the Commission about compliance with EHCR
  • 30-12-2005: Chaos Computer Club presentations on Data Retention (http://22c3.fem.tu-ilmenau.de/index.php?action=ondemand)
  • 15-12-2005: MEP Cederschiold asks the Commission when it intends to begin and complete the impact assessment of the Directive (http://tinyurl.com/a33a3).
  • 14-12-2005: European Parliament adopts the directive on data retention
  • 14-12-2005: Plenary vote in the European Parliament (http://www.europarl.eu.int/omk/sipade3?L=EN&PUBREF=&OBJID=105181&NAV=S&MODE=XML&LSTDOC=N&LEVEL=5&SAME_LEVEL=1) (only one reading!) on the "compromise amendments" adopted by EPP and PSE group leaders or the LIBE amendments in the European Parliament (see Criticism of Rapporteur Alvaro: "They ripped us off") live stream (http://epweb.streampower.be/webstream/setprofile.php) alternate live stream (http://europa.eu.int/comm/avservices/ebs/welcome_en.cfm)
  • 13-12-2005: Data Retention Debate in the European Parliament in Strassbourg agenda (http://www.europarl.eu.int/omk/sipade3?PUBREF=-//EP//TEXT+AGENDA+20051213-LASTV+0+DOC+XML+V0//EN&LEVEL=3&NAV=X&L=EN) video recording (http://europa.eu.int/streamebs/cgi/ebs.pl?p=50448&s=81394&key=9211904D40E2B27A57DDF505CF3C69B45AF888E1) audio recording (http://media.ffii.org/DataRetentionPlenaryDebate20051213/)
  • 09-12-2005: Press briefing on data retention and CIA detention (http://www.noticias.info/asp/aspComunicados.asp?nid=125999&src=0)
  • 07-12-2005: Deadline for tabeling amendments. Amendments tabled (http://tinyurl.com/awlqs).
  • 07-12-2005: Reuters report (http://tinyurl.com/cbc5d) and Amateur audio recording (http://media.ffii.org/DataRetentionGreenConf20051207/) (transcript (http://wiki.ffii.org/DataRetentionGreenConf051207En)) of public hearing on data retention (http://www.greens-efa.org/en/agenda/detail.php?id=1951) organised by the EP Greens.
  • 06-12-2005: Colour print flyer presented to all 732 MEPs by Privacy International and EDRI
  • 05-12-2005: ISOC Poland distributes technical analysis (http://honey.7thguard.net/essays/data_retention_avoiding.pdf) to all MEPs
  • 24-11-2005: Results (http://www.edri.org/docs/364679XM.pdf) of the vote in the Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee (http://www.europarl.eu.int/committees/libe_home.htm)
  • 23-11-2005: EDRI and XS4ALL present the 58.000 signatures of the petition
Jean-Marie Cavada (r), chairman of the LIBE committee, receives the signatures from Sjoera Nas, EDRI.
Jean-Marie Cavada (r), chairman of the LIBE committee, receives the signatures from Sjoera Nas, EDRI.
Alexander Alvaro (l), LIBE rapporteur, looks at the petition with Judith van Erve, XS4ALL.
Alexander Alvaro (l), LIBE rapporteur, looks at the petition with Judith van Erve, XS4ALL.
MEPs Kathalijne Buitenweg (l) and Charlotte Cederschiöld (r) show the petition signatures.
MEPs Kathalijne Buitenweg (l) and Charlotte Cederschiöld (r) show the petition signatures.
Edith Mastenbroek (r) receives the signatures from Sjoera Nas, EDRI.
Edith Mastenbroek (r) receives the signatures from Sjoera Nas, EDRI.


Campaign News

  • Personal signatures removed, personal data deleted
  • Campaign closed: petition offered on 23 November
  • EDRI falsely accused of sending spam to MEPs!
  • 14-11-2005 EDRI distributes updated flyer to the European Parliament (http://www.edri.org/docs/europarl_flyer_data_retention_v2.pdf)
  • 08-11-2005 EDRI distributes "Protecting Privacy in the Information Society" flyer to the EP (http://www.edri.org/docs/europarl_flyer_data_retention.pdf)
  • Why this petition?, Summary petition results
  • Extra URL: www.stopdataretention.com
  • Press Links to this Campaign
  • Link back show

Data Retention News

  • Verband der Anbieter von Telekommunikations- und Mehrwertdiensten e.V. asks MEPs not to bow down to Council demands  (http://www.vatm.de/content/pressemitteilungen/inhalt/08-12-2005.html) (8.12.2005)
  • German consumer protection agencies: There is no data protection in data retention (http://www.vzbv.de/start/index.php?page=themen&bereichs_id=1&themen_id=4&mit_id=646&task=mit)
  • The recording industry calls for data retention for infringers (original document (http://www.ffii.se/erik/misc/CMBAletterITRE22Nov05.doc))
  • Association of German Newspaper publishers: data retention undermines protection of persons who leak infomation (http://www.pressrelations.de/new/standard/result_main.cfm?r=214438&aktion=jour_pm&quelle=1)
  • German minister of the interior backs hardcore proposal (in German) (http://www.dradio.de/dkultur/sendungen/interview/444143/) (02.12.2005)
  • ECJ introduces criminal sanctions on EU level (http://www.ffii.se/erik/misc/ECJ_JudgementOnCriminalLaw.DOC) (23.11.2005)
  • Statewatch Observatory on data retention (http://www.statewatch.org/eu-data-retention.htm)
  • EP committee votes for watered-down data storage (http://www.euractiv.com/Article?tcmuri=tcm:29-149617-16&type=News)
  • Commission Proposal for Data Retention Released (http://www.statewatch.org/news/2005/sep/com-data-retention-prop.pdf) (PDF)
  • European Parliament rejects Member States' proposal on data retention (http://www.europarl.eu.int/news/expert/infopress_page/019-669-270-9-39-902-20050921IPR00560-27-09-2005-2005--true/default_en.htm)
  • Live traffic data counter in NL (http://www.xs4all.nl/bewaarplicht/)
  • UK paper on data retention
  • New date European Commission proposal
  • German industry strongly rejects data retention
  • Italy decrees data retention until 31 December 2007
  • Law enforcement wishlists
  • DR proposal in Canada (http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/ArticleNews/TPStory/LAC/20050819/COTLER17/TPNational/Canada)

Top 10 Countries

58265 people signed the petition until 14.12.2005 23:0 GMT.

Netherlands 21617
Germany 6975
Finland 5985
Bulgaria 3498
Sweden 2523
Spain 2410
Austria 1844
France 1557
United Kingdom 1547
Italy 1512

Full Report


Campaign Ideas

  • Visualisation Problem
  • Call for support of political organisations
  • Advertisement
  • Contact your local consumers' organisation
  • Carefully distribute copies of Orwell's 1984

Essential Policy Documents

  • Note from Presidency setting out four areas for decision of Council on its position (http://www.statewatch.org/news/2005/dec/eu-dat-ret-council-1-dec-05.pdf) (01.12.2005)
    • Draft Council text of the Directive (http://www.statewatch.org/news/2005/dec/eu-coun-dat-ret-29-11-05-15101.pdf) (29.11.2005)
    • Extensive list of Member State Reservations on the draft text (http://www.statewatch.org/news/2005/dec/eu-coun-dat-ret-29-11-05-15101-ADD1.pdf) (01.12.2005)
  • Final LIBE report (http://www.edri.org/docs/364679XM.pdf) (28.11.2005)
  • Voting List (http://www.euractiv.com/29/images/Voting_list_Data_%20Retention_tcm25-149694.pdf) (pdf): outcome of vote in LIBE Committee (24.11.2005)
  • Alvaro Compromise Amendments (http://medlem.spray.se/flooodis/dataretention/ALVAROcompromiseamendments.doc)(doc) (17.11.2005)
  • Overview: LIBE compromise report Alexander Alvaro + amendments, ITRE report Angelika Niebler + amendments (http://www.europarl.eu.int/meetdocs/2004_2009/organes/libe/libe_20051123_1500.htm)
  • amendments to IMCO report (http://www2.europarl.eu.int/registre/commissions/imco/amendments/2005/364992/IMCO_AM(2005)364992_EN.pdf) (14.11.2005)
  • IMCO report (http://www2.europarl.eu.int/registre/commissions/imco/projet_avis/2005/364929/IMCO_PA(2005)364929_EN.pdf) (8.11.2005)
  • Working Paper Alexander Alvaro, rapporteur LIBE (http://www.europarl.eu.int/registre/commissions/libe/projet_rapport/2005/364679/LIBE_PR(2005)364679_EN.pdf) (19.10.2005)
  • Last known version Council of JHA Ministers (http://www.statewatch.org/news/2005/oct/council-data-ret-draft-10-oct-05.pdf) (10.10.2005)
  • Commission Proposal for Data Retention (http://www.edri.org/docs/EUcommissiondataretentionjuly2005.pdf) (July 2005)
  • Original proposal Council of JHA Ministers (http://register.consilium.eu.int/pdf/en/04/st08/st08958.en04.pdf) (April 2004)
  • Commission "EXTENDED IMPACT ASSESSMENT" (http://europa.eu.int/comm/justice_home/doc_centre/police/doc/sec_2005_1131_en.pdf) (21.9.2005)

Papers Against Data Retention

  • Recommendations by the International Chamber of Commerce (http://www.edri.org/docs/ICCstatement.pdf) (14.11.2005)
  • Opinion Article 29 Working Party (http://www.edri.org/docs/Art29-WP113en-Data_Retention_Oct2005.pdf) (21.10.2005)
  • Opinion European Data Protection Supervisor (http://www.edps.eu.int/legislation/Opinions_A/05-09-26_Opinion_data_retention_EN.pdf) (26.09.2005)
  • EuroCOP turns against data retention: "vast effort - little effect" (http://www.eurocop-police.org/pressreleases/2005/05-06-02%20PRESS%20JHA%20Council_E.pdf) (July 2005)
  • Research BITKOM (German Industry) (http://www.bitkom.org/files/documents/Studie_VDS_final_lang.pdf) (October 2004)
  • Opinion European Digital Rights and Privacy International (http://www.privacyinternational.org/issues/terrorism/rpt/responsetoretention.html) (September 2004)


  • New languages


  • Catalan banners
  • Translation of the petition into Catalan (http://www.softcatala.org/~jmas/bloc/pivot/entry.php?id=87)


  • Finnish banners
  • Finnish flyer


  • German Terminology
  • German Banners (quintessenz) (http://www.quintessenz.at/cgi-bin/index?id=000100003318)
  • Flyer for Austria


  • Italian banner


  • 6 reasons to oppose data retention
  • 18-11-05 UK Labour (PSE) pro-data retention position (http://www.ael.be/pipermail/asbl-libre/2005-November/002118.html)


  • www.stopdebewaarplicht.nl
  • Bits of Freedom dossier over de bewaarplicht
  • Tien fabels over de bewaarplicht


  • Spanish banner
  • ¿Cómo te afecta la retención de datos? (Spanish)
  • Carta a los eurodiputados para rechazar la directiva


  • Romanian banners


  • Ko terorizem prav pride (clanek) - article in Slovenian language
  • Full text in Slovenian
  • Slovenian banners
  • Slovenian flyer


  • Translation of the site's text in Greek
  • Draft of a greek proclamation against data retention


  • Basque banners


  • Retencja danych - zbiór aktualnych doniesień na Prawo.VaGla.pl (http://prawo.vagla.pl/retencja_danych)


(7 December 2005: 87)

  • ALCEI/Italian Electronic Frontiers, Italy (http://www.alcei.org/)
  • All-Things-Open Projektgruppe, Germany (http://www.all-things-open.org/)
  • anonymouse e.V., Germany (http://anonymouse.org/)
  • APTI, Romania (http://www.apti.ro/)
  • ARGE DATEN - Gesellschaft für Datenschutz, Austria (http://www.freenet.at/)
  • Association Electronique Libre ASBL, Belgium (http://www.ael.be/)
  • Association Européenne pour la Défense des Droits des l'Homme, Europe (http://www.aedh.net/)
  • Association Souriez-vous-êtes-filmées!, France (http://www.souriez.info/)
  • ATTAC-Nederland (http://www.attac.nl/)
  • Australian Privacy Foundation, Australia (http://www.privacy.org.au/)
  • Big Brother Awards, Germany (http://www.bigbrotherawards.de/)
  • Big Brother Awards, Switzerland (http://www.bigbrotherawards.ch/)
  • Big Brother Awards, France (http://www.bigbrotherawards.eu.org/2004/orga.php)
  • BIT Internet B.V., Netherlands (http://www.bit.nl/)
  • Bits of Freedom, Netherlands (http://www.bof.nl/)
  • Geen ID - Goed Idee, Bond van Identificatieplichtweigeraars (http://www.geen-id.nl/)
  • BytePark, Netherlands (http://www.bytepark.nl/)
  • Bürgerrechte & Polizei/CILIP, Germany (http://www.cilip.de/)
  • Caiway, Netherlands (http://www.caiway.nl/)
  • Chaos Computer Club, Germany (http://www.ccc.de/)
  • Chancen, Germany (http://www.beepworld.de/members74/chanceninfo/strukturen.htm,)
  • Corporate Hackers, France (http://www.corporatehackers.com/)
  • Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (http://www.cpsr.org/)
  • la coordination antividéosurveillance d'Ile de France
  • CPSR-ES, Spain (http://www.spain.cpsr.org/)
  • Der Große Bruder, Germany (http://www.dergrossebruder.org/)
  • Deutsche Vereinigung für Datenschutz, Germany (http://www.datenschutzverein.de/)
  • De Digitale Stad (DDS), Netherlands (http://www.dds.nl/)
  • Digital Forbruger Danmark (http://digitalforbruger.dk/)
  • Digital Rights, Denmark (http://www.digitalrights.dk/)
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation, USA (http://www.eff.org/)
  • Electronic Frontier Finland ry, Finland (http://www.effi.org/)
  • EPIC, USA (http://www.epic.org/)
  • FFII, Europe (http://www.ffii.org/)
  • FIfF, Germany (http://www.fiff.de/)
  • FoeBuD e.V., Germany (http://www.foebud.org/)
  • French Data Network (FDN), France (http://www.fdn.fr/)
  • Friends of the Earth, Finland (http://www.maanystavat.fi)
  • GlobeNet, France (http://www.globenet.org/)
  • Groen Links fractie in het Europees Parlement, Netherlands/EU (http://www.groenlinks.nl/europa/)
  • GreenNet, UK (http://www.gn.apc.org/)
  • hcc, Netherlands (http://www.hcc.nl/)
  • Humanistische Union e.V., Germany (http://www.humanistische-union.de/)
  • Hyper.nl online gaming, Netherlands (http://www.hyper.nl.tt/)
  • Initiative zur Wahrung der Rechte der Nutzer digitaler Systeme und Medien, inwa, Germany (http://www.not-hd-ready.de/)
  • Internet Society Nederland, Netherlands (http://www.isoc.nl/)
  • IP Justice, International (http://www.ipjustice.org/)
  • IRIS, France (http://www.iris.sgdg.org/)
  • IS Interned Services, Netherlands (http://www.is.nl/)
  • kanalB, Germany (http://www.kanalB.org/)
  • Komitee für Grundrechte und Demokratie, Germany (http://www.grundrechtekomitee.de/)
  • LAAG e.V. Abt. Kommunikation Frankfurt, Germany (http://www.frankfurt.org/)
  • Leipziger Kamera, Germany (http://www.leipzigerkamera.twoday.net/)
  • Luna.nl, Netherlands (http://www.luna.nl/)
  • Metro Olografix Association, Italy (http://www.olografix.org/)
  • Open Rights Group, UK (http://www.openrights.org.uk/)
  • monochrom, Austria (http://www.monochrom.at/)
  • Netwatcher, Austria (http://www.netwatcher.at/)
  • Netzwerk Neue Medien, Germany (http://www.nnm-ev.de/)
  • p2pinfo Magyarország, Hungary (http://hu.p2pinfo.net/)
  • P2Pnet (http://p2pnet.net/)
  • PCTevree Computer and Internet Services, Netherlands (http://www.pctevree.nl/)
  • PEACE-consument NL (http://www.peaceconsument.nl/)
  • PN.NL Internet Services, Netherlands (http://www.pn.nl/)
  • Privacy International, UK (http://www.privacyinternational.org/)
  • proserver1.at, Austria (http://www.proserver1.at/)
  • prq Inet, Sweden (http://www.prq.se)
  • Quintessenz, Austria (http://www.quintessenz.org/)
  • Ribeco Group, Spain (http://www.ribeco.com/)
  • SIUG, Switzerland (http://www.siug.ch/)
  • Softcatalà (http://www.softcatala.org)
  • SP, Netherlands (http://www.sp.nl/) (previously also involved in http://www.nederlandgeenafluisterstaat.nl/)
  • Statewatch, UK (http://www.statewatch.org/)
  • Stichting Nederland Kennisland, Netherlands (http://www.kennisland.nl/)
  • Stichting Vredesburo Eindhoven, Netherlands (http://www.vredesburo.nl/)
  • Stop1984, Germany (http://www.stop1984.org/)
  • //syndikat - Die Online-Gewerkschaft, Switzerland (http://syndikat.ch/)
  • / journal The Multiracial Activist, United States (http://www.multiracial.com)
  • TRD-WEBDESIGN, Netherlands (http://www.trd-webdesign.nl/)
  • trifinite.org, Austria (http://trifinite.org/)
  • VIBE!AT, Austria (http://www.vibe.at/)
  • Vrijschrift.org Foundation (http://plone.vrijschrift.org/)
  • Waag Society, Netherlands (http://www.waag.org/)
  • Winston Smith Project, Italy (http://www.winstonsmith.info/pws/index-e.html)
  • xCAT-Industries, Netherlands (http://www.xcat-industries.nl/)
  • XminY Solidariteitsfonds (XminusY Solidarityfund) (http://www.xminy.nl/)
  • Young Democrats (linked to the party D66), Netherlands (http://www.jongedemocraten.nl/index.php?id=12)
  • Internet Society Poland (http://www.isoc.org.pl/)
  • The Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, Poland (http://www.hfhrpol.waw.pl/)

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